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A great choice

     I first met Yusuke(manager) as my host family during my orientation days with JICE at Ibaraki. For short a time, he gave us a sight of what Kyoto is about and I had the chance to have dinner with his family. I thought that was it but I realized that it would be good to continue communicating with him after all I will spend my two years studying at Ritsumeikan University in Kyoto.

    I first stayed near the famed Kinkakuji Temple. The place was good and it was a meeting venue for friends. I sometime invited Yusuke during those occasions. But the silence of the area was eating me up and I felt isolated somehow.

    One time, Yusuke mentioned of his plan of making an Expo international guest house. I really believed that it was a great idea. That time it did not really don on me of transferring a new place because of the requirements needed , I just can imagine the difficulties I would be facing.

    Months passed.....changing seasons felt. One occasion, Yusuke brought the idea back of letting me live with him at the Expo House. Telling him my predicaments, he assured me that he will help me with the transfer. He even showed me the house even it was still under construction. Honestly, the sight changed my views and that moment I wished I will be able to live in that house.

    It was just fortunate I was given a go signal to transfer.....then that made me anxious somehow during those days...Did I have the right decision? Will the advantages outshine the disadvantages of the ttransfer? I was floating ...but I had decided to accept Yusuke proposal of moving in at the Expo House.

    True enough.. Yusuke helped me in moving out my things and helped me in the transfer documentations, from updating my Alien Card and Insurance to changing of address with my bank and mobile provider. I was really, really grateful to the assistance Yusuke gave to me. Honestly my friends told me that I was really lucky in changing house relatively with ease.

    April 1, 2007 was my official first day in Expo House...making me the first occupant. A new life ..
a new mindset.... a beginning of a better "something"

    What is up with Expo House? What made me really lured to stay here even knowing I would not be the only one staying in the house?

    Honestly, first is that it is a good deal. The rent covers the utility bills and internet connection. Second, I could feel the good aura of the place...I just felt comfortable. Yes, I still have the bedroom with tatami mats and the house displays spacious kitchen and living room with kitchen amenities (microwave, toaster, etc.), good toilet and bath and even recreational stuff (game boards, books and the Japanese new in English). Third, I would have the chance meeting other nationalities and know their culture. Fourth, the Expo house is in the Nishijin area....popular for the Japanese textile. I love kimono and Japanese stuff....I really do not know why they are into my nerves. Last but not the least, I got a home with Yusuke and his family.... I really felt I belong.

No regrets in moving here at the Expo House. It is indeed a great CHOICE!!!!

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